Neil Tipping – Tax Team Leader

“Despite having provided other agencies with a detailed profile of the type of candidate we needed, we had received CV’s in respect of wholly unsuitable candidates.  So, it was a breath of fresh air when Sacha Mahoor started sending us candidates of the type we had specified.  On top of that Sacha made sure that he answered our calls promptly and that we received the depth and quality of feedback from candidates we interviewed promptly, enabling us to shape and improve our own recruitment process.  I am impressed with his professional approach and the fact that, whoever I speak to there, not only had a detailed knowledge of our case, but also was willing and able to advance the process where Sacha may have been unavailable.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Neil Tipping Team Leader; Tax and Consultancy Advice Lines at CCH Wolters Kluwer


Posted on Friday Mar 20
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