Beyond The CV

Let’s be honest. No agency can guarantee you a job. Not even us. That may sound odd coming from a recruiter, but it is an important piece of truth.

Because Consortium International believes in the gains of long terms partnerships, we only make promises that we can keep and only tell you about jobs that exist and that have not expired. We value your time and use our consultative approach to work with you, and deliver what you expect of us.

Securing the right role means devoting the right amount of time, preparation, perseverance and sometimes even a bit of luck.  As mediators of opportunities, we endeavour to do everything we can to present, prepare and coach you the moment you choose to work with us.

Our consultants at Consortium International will ensure you are at your best from the moment we represent you for a role all the way before that all-important interview. But the stage is ultimately yours to conquer.


What we CAN guarantee, however, is that Consortium will never stop working with you. That's because your partnership with us is cherished no matter how well, or how tough you are finding your journey towards securing your dream job.  We are equally happy to provide accounting professionals with career or market advice, so don't hesitate to get in touch and one of our consultants will be happy to assist you.

Our promise is to be professional, committed, transparent and honest. That means when you contact us, we understand your market, we will work to your requirements, never charge you for our advice and we will always keep you informed of relevant opportunities. 

We work beyond a CV, which only tells half the story about you as a candidate.

Your personal aspirations, and what fulfils you within a working environment, are a vital part of our mission to match you with the best opportunities on the market.

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