Avoid the Shotgun Approach in Your Job Hunt


It might be tempting to send out the same resume to every job posting you have saved, but the results you were hoping for on the other hand will not be as effective as you may think. Some will argue that the “shotgun approach” is a numbers game and the more resumes you send out, the more likely you are to get a call back, but realistically speaking, it is more likely that your resume will also end up in the bin. This approach means you’ll just be another job seeker, with the same old skills that don’t stand out from the crowd. To achieve results, you will have to change your strategy. Therefore, if you are taking the time to send out these applications, why not make each one count. 

Devise a Strategic Plan

Putting a decent plan together may not take much time if you’re simply making a move within the same industry, however if you’re looking for a career change or different industries, then strategic planning is absolutely necessary.

Make a list of the companies that fall within your career goals and thoroughly research each one. Having a fair knowledge about the company you are applying to will give you an advantage in your application, as employers are interested in applicants who are in turn genuinely interested in working for them. Once you’ve done your due diligence, you will have a fair idea of what it is that the employer is after and you can adjust your application accordingly and communicate why you are the best fit for that specific role the company is offering. 

Develop your resume

Ensure you have a resume, which will provide the recruiter or the hiring manager with the right amount of information to pique their interest and make them want to know more about you.

A truly effective resume must be designed with the company’s hiring manager in mind. Ask yourself “what would make my resume stand out for this particular position?”, “What are the key responsibilities that this job highlights which I am qualified for?”. The “one size fits all” approach not only makes you look lazy in the eyes of the recruiter, it will not do you any justice as you will have missed out on the opportunity to truly sell yourself.

The STAR analysis process is a great way to develop your resume, demonstrate issues and challenges you’ve faced in previous roles, and prepare you for the interview. STAR stands for situation, target, action and result. Take a look at our interview guide for the full breakdown.

Alternatively you may want to demonstrate challenges and accomplishments in a clear concise manner. Whichever method you chose to go with, ensure you have read the job specification and make your application as relevant as possible to that role’s requirements. 

Demonstrate Transferable Skills

Lacking relevant or industry specific experience will not always prevent you from landing a job. If you are embarking on a career change, recently graduated or in search of your first job, it’s good to keep in mind that employers are often looking for someone with potential. It is vital, therefore, to sell yourself by demonstrating your potential through the transferable skills you have already developed.

Depending on where they are being transferred to and from, all skills and abilities are transferable. As mentioned before, these transferable skills must be related to the role you are applying for. Skills such as team work, effective communication, ability to work independently and to organise yourself effectively are often the typical specifications of a job posting. By analysing your work history and educational background you should be able to demonstrate these skills easily. 

Self Awareness

Knowing what you want and managing your expectations is arguably the most important aspect of a job hunt. For example, you cannot expect to be hired as a tax manager if you only have retail managerial experience with no tax or accounting background. There is no point in applying for such roles when you can easily find other vacancies within your reach.

Knowing what work environment is the right fit for you requires self awareness. Consider whether you prefer a corporate environment, or whether you prefer a work place that allows you to show up to work in your jeans and t-shirt. Do you thrive in a place with structure or do you prefer an environment that is less concerned with formalities. Is your performance improved when working in a team or do you prefer to be left alone whilet working? If you are in search of your first job, these questions will not be easy to address; however your first role will be the set the stepping stones to developing these answers.

Self-awareness, thorough research and simply putting in the time will ultimately guide you in the right direction, and it goes without saying, don’t forget that important skill in order to do all the above: common sense!

Good luck with your job search! 

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Posted on Wednesday May 25
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